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Homeowner Testimonials

These days, home buyers expect to get more from their new home. They want beauty that's more than skin deep, and a home that fits their lifestyle. But also a home with solid, high-quality construction, greater comfort and security. Concrete homes are often healthier, quieter, more affordable, and more comfortable. They can also require less maintenance than conventionally-built homes.

Church ICF Home

  Dan, you have been a wonderful master craftsman, very knowledgeable, and confident. This entire quality in one contractor has made building our home effortless on our part as homeowners. Thanks Dan and Dewey!  
— Charley and Charla Church

Clark Remodel

   The first time we met with Dan and Shari to plan our kitchen remodel, they were in "listening" mode. They soon returned with multiple layouts and were fully prepared to offer observations and alternative ideas. With their help, we ended up with a kitchen that far exceeded our expectations.
The remodel came in close to original estimates, despite several changes and/or upgrades. They were great about cleaning up every day. Their timeline estimates held up remarkably well, despite the usual construction glitches.
Most subcontractors were local and obviously in sync with Dan's meticulous standards. One out-of-towner failed to meet expectations. Dan personally observed all work done on their return trip... which may have been their last to Winterset!
We love our new kitchen and highly recommend a meeting with Dan and Shari if you are considering a remodel.
— Gordy and Molly Clark

Cox ICF Home

  Thanks to Dan Bush we were able to realize the benefits of an ICF home even after another contractor caused us to nearly scrap the idea. Our first ICF contractor started out doing such a horrible job we literally had to tear out the initial ICF wall and start over. We thought seriously about changing to traditional building methods but really wanted the security, comfort, and energy efficiency of an ICF home. Dan came in and explained how ICF forms and the correct process works, answered all our questions and gave us the confidence to move forward again with ICF. And the best part was that Dan did what he said he would.  
— Rob and Lynda Cox

Hand ICF Home

  In January 2009, we lived in a duplex in town with a full, unfinished basement. Each the basement and single floor above ground were about 900 square feet or less. The basement was minorly conditioned - I think it had 4 supply vents. The energy bills that month were: $95 for natural gas (79 therms), and $41 for electricity (393 kWh @ $0.1055/kWh). The total is $136. That place was drafty and you could feel the whole house move with a strong wind gust. The energy cost for that place is: $136/1800s.f. = $0.0756/s.f. per month.

We moved into our new house just before Christmas 2009. Our house has ICF walls to the roof, and a sealed attic with ~6" of spray foam on the bottom side of the roof sheeting. The exterior walls end up being about a foot thick, and inside the exterior walls, it is 1,350 s.f. for each floor It is a ranch house 9' ceilings in part and vaulted to 12'-6" in most of it. There is a full, 9' basement that is fully conditioned, that walks out on the West side. We have large windows to take advantage of some passive solar heating. Our house is all electric with a multi-stage geothermal heat pump with a variable speed fan and an air exchanger. Our energy bill for January 2010 was $120 (1122kWh @ $0.1072). We live out in the country with nothing to block the wind.

When the wind is strong, I can hear it whistling around the roof, but there are no drafts and there is no chance that the whole house will ever shake from the wind. The energy cost for this place is $120/2700s.f. = $0.0444/s.f. per month, less than 60% of the other place and far more comfortable and comforting.

The combination of ICF, spray-foam, and a geothermal heat pump with a variable speed fan and an air exchanger is definitely the way to go. We also enjoy the extra wide window sills that are somewhat automatic with ICF walls.  
— Jon Hand

Knox ICF Home

  My husband, Bryan and I spent several years looking for the perfect acreage and the perfect house plan. When we couldn't find a plan that met all of our needs, Bryan drew up plans for the house of our dreams. This was a huge undertaking for my husband and myself. We had never had a home built before and cosing a builder that would make our dream a reality was a bit unnerving.

"We had to find "the person" that we could trust to create our home from our homemade plans. We needed someone who would respect our wishes and desires, include us daily in the building process, and someone who had the skills and the knowledge necessary to bring our plans to life.

Hosing Dan Bush to build our home was just the beginning. He coordinated the construction effortlessly, it seemed. He answered our questions and made suggestions when necessary.  He was always forthright and honest with us. He kept our best interest in mind at all times and was our advocate Authorware the entire building process, and still is today.

"Our home is beautiful. It's everything we dreamed of and hoped for. The thick concrete walls provide us with a constant, comfortable, quiet environment with considerable energy savings. I realize I must have taken my previous homes for granted. There's something special, and hard to express, about living in a home that you've had custom built to your specifications. You see it differently. I sometimes sit in wonder as I think how wood and concrete, paint and drywall has all come together to be our home. The skill and workmanship involved is something I will never take for granted again.

"We'd been warned over and over that the homebuilding process was one of the most stressful periods a couple could go through. I can honestly say Dan took the stress out of this experience for my husband and I. He orchestrated the birth of our home without the heartache and sleepless nights I was told to expect.

"I can't say enough lovely things about our experience with Dan Bush as our builder. We came to him as strangers, but we now consider he and his family our dear friends. I will be forever grateful to him for making our dream home a reality. With heartfelt thanks.  
— Sally and Bryan Knox

Perry ICF Home

  As first time home builders Dan worked with us to help us understand the process and clearly explained the benefits of ICF construction. Our priorities were high quality, beautiful workmanship, and energy efficiency in our dream home we never want to leave. Dan delivered on all fronts. We appreciated the transparency of his estimates and the quality of the people he uses for sub-contractors. The practical elegance of his design still has us sitting in our house astonished at how beautiful and well-built it is.  
— Craig & Kerri Perry

Petre ICF Home

  Newcastle Home Builders built our energy efficient dream home on our family farm using the latest concrete wall construction, radiant floor heat and Geo-thermal earth efficient ground source exchange for heating and cooling. Thanks to Dan's experience he is always ready to resolve construction concerns and on-site to keep the home construction process completion on schedule. Dan Bush and his crew are hard workers, honest, and customized our home to exceed our dream home expectations. Dan is great to work with.  
— Alan Petre

Schuck ICF Home

  Our goal was to build a very energy efficient and low maintenance home. We did a lot of research and focused in on ICF construction. We asked everyone we knew who had ICF homes about their experiences and actually started to lean away from this construction type due to our inability to locate a highly qualified and experienced ICF builder in our area, until we met Dan.

We met Dan at the Home and Garden Show and really liked him. He had new solutions for our project that we had not heard before and really appealed to us. We left him a copy of our plan and he got right to work on getting us a quote. Dan met with us at our home and provided us with a highly detailed bid. Dan provided full disclosure on all the costs and his fees up front. Therefore, we were able to easily see where we could cut some costs in areas that were not as important to us and understand where every penny was going.

Our home was a custom plan drawn by a local architect and included a 1000 sq ft workshop under the garage. Dan had no problems utilizing this plan even though things were not always perfect he had a solution for everything. One of the best things about our house is the attached workshop which is insulated and heated with floor heat. We have no support beams or walls in the entire space because Dan used a ‘lite deck” system which is our garage floor and the ceiling of the workshop.

Dan was responsive to our questions and easy to work with. We did a lot of the finish work ourselves and Dan was supportive of our DIY goals. The home is beautiful; we get lots of compliments on the deep windowsills. We drywall wrapped all the windows and doors which saved on the cost of trim and it looks great. We just received our first electric bill and it looks like the ICF and geothermal were worth the initial investment.

I don’t plan on leaving this home, but if I ever built another house I’d select Newcastle. Not only was Dan great to work with but his employees and sub contractors were professionals who are just as good to work with.  
— The Schucks

Schweiger ICF Home

  We wouldn't build with any another builder! Dan and his crew are the best! My wife and I looked 15 years for land to build on, spent at least ten years looking at house plan magazines, attended countless home shows and open houses getting ideas to design our own house, drew at least a hundred different floor plan versions before we settled on our own unique plan, and we met with countless builders of custom homes.

We knew what we wanted and that left one last important question. Who would we trust with all our work, our savings, and future happiness? There were some great custom home builders out there, but few with experience building custom concrete homes. We watched several other concrete homes being built at various stages by other builders, and we weren't impressed with their final product. Our plan would be a challenge to any builder with the 36 exterior angles on a walk-out ranch house with virtually only three rooms on the main floor to bear the weight of a massive roof.

Dan was recommended by a friend of a friend. We were impressed with Dan from the very first moment he invited us to his home to meet his wife and family. I remember waiting to see his response as we rolled out our plan the first time. Instead of shaking his head in disbelief that anyone would even want to build our plan, you could tell he wanted the challenge of building our unique dream. He was as excited as we were for a chance to build this house – our home. We knew Dan was going to be our builder before we left his house that night.

As time went on it became very apparent that Dan just plain loves to build. Dan is very hands-on, pays great attention to detail, and he knows exactly what he is doing from the beginning to end. His work ethic, integrity, and honesty are unsurpassed. Today, Val and I are proud to call Dan and Shari our close friends, not just because he built our house, but because how he helped us build our dream home! You can trust that Dan's patience, understanding, ideas, knowledge, and quality work can help transform what potentially can be a very costly and trying time for most people into a great experience that will last a life time and beyond.  
— Vince and Val Schweiger

Staples ICF Home

  The construction process of our house presented a unique opportunity for a group of high school students to learn about home building. Dan Bush, who is community minded and has a genuine care for others, was happy to be involved with teaching the building and trades students about Insulated Concrete Forms construction. He and his crew, from Newcastle Home Builders, did an excellent job from the very beginning to the very end. We are extremely happy with our new home and would recommend Newcastle Home Builders, as well as the ICF construction process, to anyone who is interested in a superior quality product.  
— Dan and Kerry Staples

Steffes ICF Home

  I just wanted to thank you for all your help during my home construction. You and your crew went above and beyond when it comes to quality. You were very patient with me and you were very accessible during construction. I've been in the home a year now and I am very happy with my choice of going with you and an ICF home. It's amazing how efficient and quiet the home is. Once again thanks for helping turn a vision into reality.  
— Tom Steffes

Taylor ICF Home

  Joanne and I have built 10 homes over the last 40 years in every corner of the United States. We met Dan Bush at the Iowa State Fair and it wasn’t long before I realized that Dan was the expert in ICF construction in the state of Iowa and a consummate home building professional. Wasn’t hard to convince us to hire Dan as our contractor. We had Dan build us a 5,700 square foot home in Urbandale - started and finished in less than 10 months and ever since we’ve been delighted with our home. The home is everything that we expected - to say the least, our home is energy efficient, stylish, provides peace of mind, air tight, quiet and unique. This project won also won Dan the Excellence in Concrete Construction Award in 2011 too. Dan’s work, including his subcontractors, was outstanding, fairly priced and the best experience we’ve ever had with a contractor. We are so pleased with Dan’s work that we plan to build another ICF home in the next few years and Dan will also be our contractor for this project. Finally, we are more than happy to give anyone a tour of our home and showcase Dan’s great work - just let us know when and what time.  
— Jim and Joanne Taylor

Thompson ICF Home

  We couldn't be more pleased with the product. But the part that really stands out is the service. Dan went all out to make sure we had what we needed to get the job done right, from the product and service to the knowledge. To top it off, we even came in just under our initial quote. Thanks Dan!  
— Shane Thompson